Call Centers & Work from Home Jobs at Alaska Air or Horizon Air

Alaska Air offers call center agent jobs either from their location or from at home which handles everything like urgent travel plan changes or mileage award travel. This unique job offers you out of the box thinking which is related to close interaction with customers of airlines who need to change their schedules.

Contact Center – Problem Solvers of Alaska Air

This airline is working round the clock for the convenience of its passengers either from the office or from far away by its call centers.

Their contact centers are situated in Kent, WA; Phoenix, AZ; and Boise, ID. It may be possible that you are not connected with your co-workers as this opportunity is purely a back-office work. However, everyone is required to work at the call center once in a month. Many of their agents are working from home as well as in the office.

Continuous Job Schedule

For any employee of the airlines, the prime requirement is that the employee must be available to work a minimum five shifts of eight hours per week. This schedule includes evenings and holidays. The choice of shift is also given to senior employees and you are having a trade shift between you and another agent as per your contingency.

Hiring Process of Call Center Jobs

  • First, they review the application made by desperate candidates.
  • Second, they select and invite several applications to attend for the interview.
  • Third, once you are successful they made an offer on the spot.
  • Then, they give you a class date to start your training.

You will start with a three-week office training after your class. And you have to pay for transportation and accommodation. After completion of training, you can choose to work from home also but you require to work at the call center at list one day in a month.


This job gives you a chance to enhance your public speaking skills and interaction with the customers by way of diversity of language. If you are looking for a challenging job, you can apply for the same. For more details please visit the official portal of Alaskas air. You may also go for the other section of the job, if you are interested then, please go to the homepage.

Corporate Office Jobs at Alaska Airlines / Horizon Air

For any company, headquarter is the main place where the basic activities and financial consolidation takes place. In the superior position in the organization hierarchy, headquarters is responsible for all over management and control of the company.

The candidate with a view to grab an opportunity-driven by high-performance culture and values can opt for corporate office jobs in Alaska airlines/horizon air.

There Seattle headquarters is willing to accept you as an employee if you are looking for a place.

What They Are Looking For in Corporate Office at Alaska Airlines?

If you are enthusiastic and looking for a growth-oriented work profile in Alaska airlines corporate office then, here are some requirements that they are looking to shortlist a candidate in the company.

They are creating unique strength and energy to the air and into the ground. Always they are going beyond the expectation and reach for the remarkable goals.

These airlines are providing equal chances for any person who is having a qualification. In addition to that, they receive ample rights to the concerned post in which they are recruited. They do not believe in race, caste, culture, religion, and community while giving the job. Also, compliance of local and international laws are observed while selecting the candidates.

Various Positions in Corporate Office

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Communications Agent
  • Content Marketing Program Manager
  • Talent Acquisition Operations Manager
  • HR Business Partner
  • Director of Financial Reporting
  • Seattle Maintenance Controller

How to Apply for Job in Corporate Office?

If you do not know how to apply for a job in a corporate office then, visit the official portal of Alaska Airlines by following the link. In this link, you can get all the details on what they are looking to hire and various other information regarding the qualifications and experience required.

For more assistance on how to apply for this job then, you may drop your CV by sending an email at


Once you got the job in the corporate office in Alaska Airlines, you will have a unique AlaskasWorld paperless employee travel login portal which can be accessed by their official website for employees.

    Software & Technology Jobs at Alaska Airlines / Horizon Air

    In Alaska Airlines, Software & Technology job is a build-up of super-smart people who are actively associated as a team to give a great experience to their users. This reputation is driven by innovation and edge to edge competition in the industry. This department strives to build the future of the airlines. This makes it always first in their particular area of operation.

    Most Desirable Company for IT Workers in the United States

    1. Given recognition by GeekWire as the most suitable company for IT workers.
    2. Embedded with a cultural mix of work and ideas duly supported and respected.
    3. Sufficient emphasize is given to the professional development of the work every day.
    4. The convenient location of the workplace in Seattle allows you to access weekend getaways quickly near the airport.
    5. Special privileges in flight for your near and dear ones to keep moving around your favorite places.

    Location of Technology Building

    Located near the Seattle airport which gives you and a tremendous chance to board directly a flight to the places which you want to go upon. Examples are in the United States of America, Canada or an outdoor adventure anywhere in the world.

    What They Are Looking For?

    The IT team’s prime task is to understand the problems of guests and finding out the optimum solution of their query in their journey. The requirement of this job role is to identify problems and to provide interactive solutions across multiple platforms like a mobile app, digital kiosk, and other booking mediums. To cater to the necessities of this job a person needs to be technically sound like a developer in the IT contexts.

    Various Positions in this Job Area

    • Senior Product Designer, E-commerce
    • Software Engineer, E-commerce
    • Manager Agile Delivery, E-commerce
    • Senior Enterprise System Engineer – Identity Systems
    • Software Engineer II, E-commerce
    • Manager, Software Engineering – Flight Operations
    • Senior Software Developer (ETL)

    Key Requirements to get the Job

    • Work authorization and valid passport in the United States of America.
    • Minimum diploma and desirable bachelor’s degree in IT.
    • 18 years of age along with strong communication skills.
    • The candidates must be proficient in rapid prototyping technologies.
    • Good communication skills will be an added advantage.
    • Exceptional thinker and team leader with deadline-oriented goal-setting skills.
    • Any additional requirement which may change the post to post basis.

    For more details please visit the official web portal of the Alaska Airlines Software & Technology Career Section by the following link.


    Our task is to give an insight into the software & technology job in Alaska Airline. The process and posts mentioned above are for informational purposes only. We do not take any responsibility for the process of candidates selected in the Airlines. Visit the official career section of Alaska Airlines for more authentic information.

    Maintenance & Engineering Jobs at Alaska Airlines / Horizon Air

    For any airlines, the major portion of everything is maintenance & engineering. It is to be treated as the backbone of operations of airlines. Their job is ensuring aircraft safety reliability and timely availability on the gate for boarding.

    Once you join horizon air or Alaska air as a maintenance technician, you are in between very supportive people who guide you further. The benefits of joining this airline are the access to having industry superior technology and high-class training which is a must for your career. You will also learn lessons of integrity, reliability, and safety for the passengers of Alaska airlines and horizon air.

    All you need to do is a dedication towards the career and bring the following for an interview for this job.

    What you bring to get Maintenance & Engineering Job

    • You must have valid powerplant and airframe licenses.
    • Able to work in shifts including night shift, holidays and weekends.
    • The candidates must have a minimum of 18 years old
    • A high school diploma must have been completed
    • Authorization to work in the United States of America is a mandatory requirement
    • Experience of prior part 121 maintenance is highly desirable

    Bonuses and Benefits you will receive

    As a maintenance technician, there are many perks and perquisites which can help you financially and physically. It includes new hire bonus, A & P maintenance, and testing reimbursement, profit sharing based on goal achievement, relocation benefits and many more.

    • New hire bonuses: Up to $4,000
    • A&P testing reimbursement: up to $1,600
    • Bonuses based on profits and goals: up to $7,500
    • Relocation assistance: up to $15,700 Depending on the length of your move and family size.
    • Comprehensive medical, dental and vision
    • Retirement plan: 401k with 6% match
    • Free, unlimited standby travel privileges on Alaska Airlines for you and your loved ones
    • Employee discounts: on rental cars, hotels, events and more
    • Formal development programs: Opportunity to grow professionally with formal development programs at Horizon Air and Alaska Airlines

    How to Apply for M & E Jobs at Alaska Airlines?

    To apply for maintenance and engineering jobs at Alaska airlines then, All you need to do is visit the official website of Alaska Airlines and go to there career section.

    In addition to that, you can also join there talent community guidelines. They will contact you once there is a vacancy.


    When you join Alaska Airlines, you will get a paperless employee login portal details which are useful for your flight schedules, job requirements, your employee profile and many more things on board.

    Kindly visit, AlakasWorld PET login portal for more.

    Flight Attendants Jobs at Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air

    If you are happy to meet new people and wish to provide a safe and convenient journey to the people then, a flight attendant’s job in Alaska Airlines is a responsible job for you.

    Alaska Air offers you flight attendants job which is a fast, responsible and fun-loving job.

    Qualifications Required for Flight Attendants in Alaska Airlines

    • Your Minimum age must be of 21 years or more.
    • A high school diploma or equivalent is compulsory.
    • You must have a minimum of 2 year experience as a customer or community service.
    • Work permit of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are required.
    • The height of candidates must be approximately 5’2”.
    • A candidate has to Pass training and swimming test
    • Any person seeking a job should have integrity as a whole.
    • Love for travel and tolerance of busy schedule in starting of career.

    Recruitment Process of Flight Attendants Jobs

    When you apply for the flight attendants jobs in Alaska Airlines, they will first review your application. Then, selected several applicants will be invited to appear in the interview.

    This interview is followed by an orientation program, group discussion, and personal interview.

    Training Requirement

    After accepting the offer letter from Alaska Airlines, A candidate must complete five and a six-week training program which is a tuition-free intensive training program. Then, the candidates are given training of fighting fires, save lives and take on any kind of obstacle in between the flight.

    Training is conducted in Seattle, WA, and the stay will be provided by the company in shared hotel rooms.

    Job Schedule After Training

    For new flight attendants, the initial pool is a reserve pool. That means a block of time is scheduled in advance for newcomers. As when the requirements are generated then, they may be called for work within 2-3 hours short notice.

    The duration of reservation in a pool is decided by the seniority base in your batch.

    As a flight attendant, an employee will be a part of the association of flight attendants union.

    Home Base

    During the flight attendant training, airline gives you a home base which is a station of their choice. Your flight schedule will start from the home base and end or their. This base is upgraded based on seniority. You can also bid for change in base on the occasion of your promotion.

    There are other vacancies too in Alaska Airlines like Pilot and more. You can check it by clicking here.

    Pilot Jobs in Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air

    Alaska Airlines offers high performing pilot jobs to treat its customers with safety and kindness. The pilots are key team members for the airlines who are professionally and personally qualified. If you want to become a pilot in Alaska airlines then, here are the detailed requirements which you must fit in.

    Requirements for Pilot Jobs

    • One must have completed a high school diploma or equivalent as specified by the government.
    • A degree from a recognized college (2 or 4 years) is preferred.
    • You must have a valid passport that allows you to and from travel to the US which is not restricted.
    • Your minimum age should be 23 years old and you must have authorized to work with the US.
    • Driver’s license and FAA medical certificate are required for the further process.
    • Qualification of an FAA airline transport pilot (ATP) certificate is a must.
    • Vision in both eyes must be 20/20 (correctable).
    • A minimum of 2,000 hours of total flight time in a fixed-wing aircraft or 1,200 hours of total flight time in a high-performance military aircraft suitable for this job. This criterion is relaxed if you have a 50% off rotor-wing flight time up to 1,000 hours.
    • Flight time activity should continue to a minimum of 50 hours within a year.
    • Candidate must have Knowledge of MS Office, Adobe acrobat, email and internet functions.
    • The aspirants must have a comfortability with domicile in Seattle, Los Angeles, Anchorage, Portland, San Francisco.
    • Any other at the desire of the airlines.

    Contact Details of Alaska Airlines For Job of Pilot

    If you are interested in the said job then, please contact the official portal of AlaskasWorld or send them an email on

    Click on Jobs in Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air.


    This is not the official job portal of Alaska Airline or Horizon Air. We are not offering any employment opportunities for pilots in Alaska Airlines. This information is purely for guidelines purposes on how to apply for jobs in Alaska Air.

    For better help support kindly, connect with them on their Alaska Air job portal.

    Jobs in Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air – Careers / Employment

    Are you a candidate willing to have a rewarding career? then, Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air is the right place for you. Be a part of the talent community of Airlines and introduce your self for Jobs in Alaska Airlines careers and employment.

    An astonishing career mostly begins with a spectacular relationship. So, in the Alaska Airlines, the first and the foremost task is getting yourself introduced to the HR team of them. Once you introduce successfully to the airlines, you will become part of their talent community. This talent community is a set of people who is on the waitlist of the HR team. As and when the job is created you will be contacted according to your experience and qualifications. In addition to that, you may also receive a job alert email from the recruitment department along with a phone call. Reverting back is too simple that any person interested in the opening can simply choose “I’m Interested” and submit a resume for the further proceeding.

    Pilot Jobs in Alaska Airlines

    Pilots are the key post in any airline. The duty of the pilot is to safely lend the costly aircraft and most precious living thing that is a passenger to thousands of destinations in the world every day. These people are field experts in flying an aircraft and maintaining the safety on it. Alaska Airlines is having Boeing 737 or Q400 aircraft which is capable to fly in different conditions and geographical areas using advanced navigation technology. They are the ultimate authority for safeguarding the operation on board. In addition to that, on the humanitarian grounds, their pilots are purely professional, cultured, hard-wired and friendly men and women who are actively associated with the passengers like a family.

    If you are interested in getting the job in Alaska Airlines as a Pilot then, click here.

    Flight Attendant Jobs

    In any flight, the second key person other than the pilot is a flight attendant. The duty of the flight attendant is to provide a happy and safe journey to the passengers. These people are experts in maintaining the decorum of the flight. They provide the best in class in-flight fly experience to the customers of Alaska Airlines. They are kind-hearted and rigorously trained for any kind of emergencies during the flight.

    Interested candidates can approach for flight attendants’ job can visit the link by clicking here.

    Maintenance & Engineering Jobs

    For any airline fleet operating and scheduled maintenance is the key task to run flights onboard, on time, safely and with convenience. For that, a special team of maintenance engineers is run by them.

    If you are willing to work in any shifts, on holiday or on weekend with a purpose to serve the passengers with the profession then, this job is the right career option for you.

    To get the M & E department job, you have to visit the following link.

    Software & Technology Jobs

    For each employee of Alaska Airlines, unique strength and energy is the motto. Every day they go beyond expectation and work remarkable together.

    As a Software & Technology contributor, this position leads with product design, problem-solving, digital properties and multi-platform problem solution approach to work for.

    This workflow originates from the software & technology department which works behind the curtain to provide backend services to the employees and customers as a user of services. To get the software and technology jobs at Alaska Airlines a candidate must be willing to work in the Seattle building near the airport for their career. They need to be ready to work in a completely technology-oriented environment in the airlines to fulfill their career goals and dreams. Click here for a recent job opening updates and more information in this segment.

    Corporate Office Jobs

    This job deliver excellence with passion. These employees aim too high working professionals as a committed partner. In the corporate office, each day value addition and wealth creation happens in a routine schedule. To be a part of this successful campaign the candidate must be able to work in a team and as a team leader who can lead the others in the achievement of the goal.

    The company’s mission vision and value statement clearly show that a dedicated employee is rewarded with due recognition that can help to grow these professional skills and personal mindset in a cultured environment.

    For more details and current job opening in the corporate office, please visit following the link.


    This is not the official Job portal of Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air. We are not affiliated partner with the Alaska Airlines talent community. For Job opening and resume submission please visit the career section of Alaska Airlines.

    AlaskasWorld Customer Service Phone Numbers – 24*7 Support

    An employee working in Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air is given special privileges. They are entitled to contact AlaskasWorld customer service phone numbers which are available 24*7 for your support.

    These numbers are given to the respective employee’s region wise. The employee can get all details regarding flight timings, in-flight job schedule, attendance sheet, log in details and various employment data that are confidential for each employee.

    Customer Service Numbers of AlaskasWorld

    Any prospective customer or employee can reach to the AlaskasWorld support center via customer service numbers of AlaskasWorld. These telephonic lines are working each and every day for all the hours.

    alaskasworld customer service phone numbers

    Once you dial the number, a dedicated representative will answer your line and give you all the desired details which are required. However, for the authentication purpose, they may ask you your PeopleSoft employee number along with all the security details which you have mentioned in your job profile.

    You have to identify your self as an employee of AlaskasWorld or Horizon air to get access of all the details.

    • Dial the 1877-238-1077 for HelpDesk to solve your query.
    • If you are an ex-employee of Alaska Airlines then also, you have to dial the same number.
    • This number is also useful to reset your password and manage your profile.
    • You can also change your password created by you, according to your convenience.

    Contact Details of AlaskasWorld

    In case you need to write any correspondence in this regard, you can drop a letter to the following postal address of AlaskasWorld.

    PO BOX 68900,

    Seattle Washington 98168 US.

    Besides, another address is

    International Boulevard 19300,

    Seattle, Washington 98188.

    AlaskasWorld Email Address

    The email correspondence can be sent to


    These customer service phone numbers and all other details is taken from various sources available on the internet. We do not take any responsibility for the genuineness of this information and address thereon. Please contact the official web portal of AlaskasWorld for more details.

    Please do not share any of your employment information such as ‘PeopleSoft number’, ‘PF number’, ‘Identity details’, ‘Job schedule’ and ‘Employee id’ here.

    How to Manage/Change User Profile in AlaskasWorld Portal

    Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air are one of the leading airlines operating in the United States of America. This airline also operates in many parts of the world. The employee base of this company is very huge and having one identity password manager system for the details of the employee. A dedicated portal of paperless employee travel login gives the employee freedom to use the services of airlines in their day to day job management. They can also change and manage their user profile which is given by the human resource department of AlaskasWorld.

    Manage AlaskasWorld User Profile

    If you are an employee of Alaska Airlines then, they have given you your login credentials like a unique username and strong password as per their password policy. You can utilize these details to manage your user profile by visiting paperless employee travel login portal.

    This portal offers you various services such as job scheduling, job management, employee profile data, attendance sheet and many more details that are required to complete your duty on time.

    In case you want to change your user profile, you must have to follow the below-mentioned steps in the official portal.

    • Step 1: Visit the AlaskasWorld paperless employee travel login portal.
    • Step 2: Click to the second option of
    • Step 3: You will be asked your username and password.change alaskasworld login
    • Step 4: There are four options written below the sign-in button.
    • Step 5: Click on the “Manage Profile” option.
    • Step 6: Enter your “Email address” and “Captcha” code to proceed further.forgot alaskasworld password
    • Step 7: After authenticating you can change your required details like name, address, telephone number, password, email, etc.

    I hope you are able to change your user details by following the above-mentioned steps. You can also modify password by visiting official portal.


    This web page is purely an informational article based blog. We are never asking you any of your confidential information like username, password, email address, mobile number, etc. Please do not share it here. If you are having any issue regarding your employee data please contact the official web portal of AlaskasWorld or contact to customer service department by their toll-free helpline number.

    How to Reset AlaskasWorld PET Login Details – Forgot Password

    Are you an employee of Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air then, you must have AlaskasWorld PET login details. In case you forgot your login password for this portal, Here we are giving you detailed guidelines on how to change your forgotten password.

    For this purpose, you need a valid account of Alaska Air or Horizon Air along with your details like email id and username.

    Forgot AlaskasWorld PET Login Password

    Here are the detailed guidelines on how to reset your AlaskasWorld paperless employee travel login password when you forgot it.

    • Step 1: Go to your browser then, type in the search
    • Step 2: Click to and wait for the next screen.change alaskasworld login
    • Step 3: Enter your username in the field and click to forgot password link. It is to be noted that the username is compulsory for resetting the password.forgot alaskasworld password
    • Step 4: You need to enter your registered email address and captcha in the provided field.
    • Step 5: After that, you will be guided by one identity password manager for further process.
    • Step 6: In the end, you have to set a new password as per convenience and password policy.

    You can also opt for managing your user profile in the portal by clicking the manage profile opt button under the sign-in tab.

    In case you are from another country than the United States of America, you can select one of the following languages as your base language from the below-mentioned list.

    • English (English)
    • Français (French)
    • 日本語 (Japanese)
    • Nederlands, Nederland (Dutch, Netherlands)
    • Português, Portugal (Portuguese, Portugal)
    • 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)
    • 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)
    • Dansk (Danish)
    • Deutsch (German)
    • Español (Spanish)
    • Português – Brasil (Portuguese, Brazilian)
    • Русский (Russian)
    • 한국어 (Korean)
    • Polski (Polish)
    • Svenska (Swedish)
    • Čeština (Czech)
    • Italiano (Italian)


    We are not associated with any of the above mentioned Airlines. This procedure is just for informational purposes only. The guidelines described above can be used for resetting/changing the AlaskasWorld PET login password. Please do not share any of your confidential details like username, email address, password, etc.

    How to Change Fly PET Login Password – Horizon Air

    Worried about your password? Want to change your Alaskasworld or horizon air pet login password?  then, we are here to provide you the exact solution to your issue. Here’s how you can manage your login credentials on the Alaskasworld fly pet login portal.

    Change Fly Pet Login Password

    For changing the password of your paperless employee login portal, you need to have to follow various steps in the desired sequence as specified by the Alaska air. The detailed procedure is mentioned sequentially here to change your password as requested by you. One thing is to be noted here that you must have to remember your username and email address which you have given while registering your user profile with horizon air or Alaska airlines. If you do not remember your username then, you have to follow the different procedures to reset your username with them.

    Here are the steps:

    • Step 1: Open your browser and go to and click on the second option as depicted in the
    • Step 2: Now click on the tab option under sign in to change your password as given below.change alaskasworld login
    • Step 3: You must have to enter your username and current password and verify your new password.alaskasworld change password
    • Step 4: While setting up a new password, you must observe all of the following criteria.
    • Step 5: Your password cannot be a repetition of earlier last 24 passwords.
    • Step 6: It must be a minimum of 8 characters as desired by you.
    • Step 7: It should not contain your name or any part of your name.
    • Step 8: The combination of passwords may be of uppercase characters, lowercase characters, special characters, and numerals.
    • Step 9: One thing is to be noted here that, spaces are not counted in these characters. It only occupies the length of your password.
    • Step 10: After completing all these steps, hit the change password button as shown in the above image. Yey! your password is changed successfully, now you can access your profile with new credentials.

    This procedure is only for the changes required in your current password for the Alaskasworld pet login portal. If you do not remember your password or username then, you have to follow the different methods mentioned here.

    For more queries and detailed explanations on this issue, please visit the official portal.


    This is not the official login page of Alaskasworld airlines and horizon air. We have just mentioned the basic idea of how to change your existing password on the Alaskasworld paperless employee travel login portal. Please do not share your username or any other information here.